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The Ecological Kitchen And The Logical Choice

25 Mar 2015, by Tim Foley in Design

By Tim Foley

25th March 2015

As news in this industry goes, I can’t understate the significance and importance of the outstanding ecological kitchen range I’ll furnish your thoughts with if you manage to get to the end of this blog post without thinking: “Ok, I’ve heard it all before, this is the best thing to hit the shelves since sliced bread and he would say that wouldn’t he”?

Those who’ve had the staying power to reach the last sentence of my many musings over the years, will know I’ve been banging on about how stagnant I believe our industry is when compared to others. Take the WWW and Social Media for instance (and we should anyway). It’s become commonplace to log on to twitter and read a constant stream of the same self-serving one liners, perhaps with an image, that has fashioned into, for most, a place to “brochure” others rather than a social hub for guiding or conversing with others. There are a few exceptions who get that balance right but they’re too small a band where there’s room for a huge orchestra. Facebook fares worse out of this Social Media Revolution that hardly got off the ground when it comes to the Kitchen Industry. Despite the failure to embrace Facebook fan pages, I can lay testament to it’s worth if it remains an interactive hub and is updated regularly, albeit that the example, I’m referring to is in a completely different sector.

I mean, what a great opportunity we had, still have, when the internet as a whole became a tool that could put us all on a level playing field regardless of whether your budget stretches into full page monthly adverts in our industry magazines or not.

I digress: but there is a link to the points above and I’ll get to that when I first tell you about a product that deserves to bring about a sea change in an industry that’s remained stagnant since and long before the day I set off to install my first kitchen some 33 years ago.

From that day to this we’ve been limited to a diet of MFC or MDF kitchens that still make up the majority of what’s made available to a public who now purchase Eco friendly products from lighting to appliances to cars and even houses in growing numbers.

Three years ago I was made aware of a forward thinking Finnish manufacturer who was eager to examine the possibilities of creating a new kitchen material better suited to the lives we now lead, where we’ve become more resourceful, less wasteful and, in a time where we prick our own Eco consciences daily, buy recyclable goods and carry them home in recyclable bags. We buy energy saving light bulbs and separate out our rubbish for the greater good of us all and for our children and their children. The list goes on and so to address this new mindset and to shake up a stale industry, Puustelli, invested millions in a brief handed over to scientists to identify and create a kitchen cabinet fit for 21st century purpose.
Puustelli Miinus Ecological Kitchen 1

The resulting range, The Miinus, which translates to Minus in English, is so called because it’s a revolutionary kitchen that dramatically lessens the Eco impact of it’s predecessors.

To understand the deeply impacting benefits of Puustelli Miinus, you have to adopt a “forget everything” attitude as its a chalk and cheese comparison to the diet we’ve been fed to date.

From the framed Biocomposite, water resistant carcass, available in three colour finishes, through to the doors constructed using an inner honeycombed core that makes them lighter and, as a result, places less strain on the hinges, the Miinus range ticks all Eco boxes and much more. The innovative inner core and make up of the doors also prevents that distortion and bowing that’s a familiar issue, particularly with tall doors constructed using current methods.
All fascias are manufactured from highly sustainable forestry and the selections really are a sight and feel to behold – constructed in solid veneered sheets of the finest wood species such as birch, oak, pine and poplar.Puustelli Miinus Door revealing honeycomb inner core

Miinus has consigned both MDF and MFC to history and the days of having to undertake the costly removal of worktops to access and replace a sink cabinet damaged by water ingress, are a thing of the past when choosing a Miinus kitchen. Highest quality OSB (Oriented Strand Board), utilising solid wood veneers, form the matching panels for both floor and wall units.

In fact, every component in the Miinus Range has been chosen entirely on ecological grounds but don’t let yourself be deceived by equating that to yoghurt pots and papier mache – the Miinus ecological kitchen is stronger, lighter, more durable and excessively more environmentally friendly than any kitchen on the planet and that fact is reflected by it’s 30 year warranty.

In a point worth making, relatively little is known about off-gassing of materials used in kitchen furniture and it may be some time until we discover the long term effects but both MDF and MFC contain Urea Formaldehyde and although the harmful effects of this resin are excessively less than those emitted by a car exhaust, it’s a factor thats been completely eradicated in the specification of a Miinus Kitchen making it a safer and more logical choice.

Puustelli’s investment in the Miinus range has brought to the market an evolutionary kitchen that will, I believe, fulfil the needs of an ever increasing group of ethical buyers who are eager to hop aboard and do their bit for our planet and for future generations. Miinus Kitchen Range by Puustelli.But that really shouldn’t be the primary reason to jump on this platform because the specification of a Miinus kitchen outstrips any conventional kitchen in it’s mid to upper price range and that is what makes this range even more so desirable.

And so to the link to my initial wanderings on the WWW and Social Media.

To support and complement this kitchen of our time, the plan is to utilise the tools of our time on a Web portfolio that will incorporate all popular media platforms and a dedicated UK website. The website will include a quote request submission form and upon submission, dependent on the location, details will be forwarded to the appropriate Miinus retailer.

It took me less than a breath to get involved in Puustelli’s plan to bring Miinus to the UK, as it did, my colleague Geoff Hawkes and already in this introductory period we’ve embarked upon, the reception to Miinus has been staggering.

Over the coming weeks, we’re seeking to speak with more retailers and developers across the UK and Ireland and the longer term plan, when the product is rolled out, is to provide a geographically chosen selection of reputable showrooms enjoying a comfortable radius from which to offer the Miinus range to their clients.

To discover more about the Miinus range, I’ve already compiled two additional posts the links to which are below. I’ve also added a video below this post which conveys the company ethos and emphasises our responsibilities to future generations – not your typical kitchen advert I might add but one that gets the point of the mission across.

If you would like to learn more or perhaps arrange for us to visit with samples and further literature, please contact us here and we will call you back