Tag along and let’s make a hash of things!

26 Mar 2015, by Rob Mascari in Industry, Uncategorised

By Rob Mascari

26th March 2015


Sometimes things are broken and need fixing. Sometimes things are good, but can be made better.

So what am I talking about and how do we make it better?

Twitter – a massively popular platform used by the KBB industry.  But, to make it better …….. we need a hashtag!

We have just launched our new interactive design blog, open for creatives and designers to share their thoughts. While doing so, I have noticed a shortcoming in our industry’s use of Twitter: a lack of collectiveness. A short and simple solution to link all content by all tweeters is under our noses, we just need to engage it. The use of a unique hashtag would be akin to pulling each KBB related tweet from an ocean of tweets and filing them in one particular drawer.

Let me explain this to those who aren’t one hundred percent sure as to what a hashtag is or how we could use it to our benefit.

I’m a Forest fan. Periodically, I like to see what is occurring at the club, what the supporters are saying and what the media have written. I simply go to the search function on Twitter and type: #nffc

This gives me a timeline of EVERY tweet made by anyone in the world who has included in their tweet the hash symbol followed by nffc. It doesn’t matter if I currently follow these people or not – the chances are I don’t – I can see only Forest related tweets. The key to this is the understanding by the tweeters that if they want their tweet seen, they must use the hashtag.

Go ahead and give it a try. Then come back and read on.

I would suggest we have a hashtag specific to us as KBB folk. This would connect all of our thoughts, news, comments, products, blogs and so on together. It would engage the whole community and enable some brilliant information and opinion to be far more readily accessible.

How could it work?

Tim Foley has just written a blog for us on an ecological kitchen product that could revolutionise the industry. We have tweeted about it, as have Tim and others. But, unless you follow us, Tim or one anyone else that has retweeted it, and happen to be looking at your Twitter timeline at the moment one of us releases it, it is ostensibly lost. There must be hundreds of similarly interesting articles or snippets. If we as an industry generically concluded our tweets with a recognised hashtag we could periodically pull every tweet out of the KBB filing cabinet to peruse at our pleasure.

We need the main players – the people with hundreds or even thousands of followers to start the trend and get the word out. We need the media in particular.

We also need a hashtag! My thoughts are it needs to be unique (i.e. not crossed over with something already in use), obvious what it is, and not too long. I would propose ….. #kbbchat ….. but that’s just a suggestion.

What does everyone think?


On the back of this, Tim Foley suggested we host a weekly Twitter chat hour. The first #kbbchat hour was hosted by Tim on Tuesday 31st March at 8.00pm. He kicked things off by answering all of our questions about Miinus.


Participants included Tim’s partner Geoff Hawkes, Phillip Turrell of K & B News, Sean Phelan of The BKDA, Tina Riley, Richard Hibbert, Renee Mascari, Lisa Melvin and myself. We all definitely learnt a lot about Miinus.

We are planning on running this as a weekly event, every Tuesday at 8.00pm, with a different subject of conversation.

Make sure you join in and spread the word!