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What is Vertex?

Mascari are producers and designers of high end contemporary kitchen furniture.  Vertex is the first in our range of luxury Corian kitchens.

Mainly covering London and the Midlands, we are however able to supply nationwide across the UK.

Vertex differs to bespoke kitchen design in that we have reversed the formula.  Modern day open living spaces and kitchen architecture have led to our concept of the modular kitchen.

Instead of designing a kitchen to fit a space, Vertex stands alone as a statement of contemporary styling mixed with function.  By analysing the needs of today's consumers and utilising modern technologies and manufacturing abilities, we have designed a piece of kitchen furniture that has it all.

Every aspect of contemporary kitchen design has been considered during the development of Vertex, including the purchasing process which is another element unique to Mascari.

Vertex consists of a multifunctional bank and an island unit.  Our specifically selected appliances and storage solutions are hidden away from view behind our sliding door system, along with the option of our beautiful drinks making station.

The island unit creates a statement of cutting edge design; developed for food preparation, waste management and storage.

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Why did we develop Vertex?

We felt the kitchen industry had stagnated over the years. Our lifestyles have changed and so has the way we design our homes. Stylish kitchen design appeared to have become the practice of arranging boxes on walls, not necessarily designing furniture.

As experienced designers and kitchen retailers for many years, we discovered more and more that our clients were becoming increasingly confused by having to consider too many options, many that they didn't necessarily need to.

We set about trying to simplify this by combining all of the criteria the consumer consistently requested. Ergonomics have always been high on our list of considerations, so we set about developing a high quality, designer kitchen that incorporated every aspect.

We also noticed that although the kitchen design was always at the top of the client's list of priorities, it's planning was being left until the latter stages of the building project. With Vertex, the real benefit is that it can be seen, budgeted for and designed into the plans from early discussions with both the architect and interior designer.

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Where is Vertex made?

We are proud to say that Vertex is made in Britain, and we are located in Nottingham.

Over the centuries Britain has designed and manufactured some of the world's finest engineering feats, and it is of real importance to us that contemporary kitchen design be added to that list.

German and Italian kitchen manufacturers have long been the leaders in contemporary design, but Vertex considers a new approach.

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How do we purchase Vertex?

We have designed Vertex with the thoughts in mind of the way most new builds and extensions are being planned.

It is a modular concept consisting of the two pieces of highest quality kitchen furniture, of which the outline dimensions won't change (these can been seen in the Technical Specification on the Pricing page). We have eliminated the confusing elements of a bespoke kitchen.

With that in mind, you can then choose the options you would like to tailor. These are clearly set out in our Pricing page, with options available including appliances, colours / finishes, taps and sinks and interior drawer storage solutions.

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